Tokyo Disney Resort Introduces Disney Premier Access

Published: mayo 14, 2022 / Last Updated: mayo 14, 2022 / By: Arvid Bux

Tokyo Disney Resort announced that Disney Premier Access will become available through the official Tokyo Disney Resort App on May 19, 2022. This new digital service provides guests with the ability to reserve certain Park attractions.

With Disney Premier Access, guests will have the ability, for a fee, to select their preferred time and make reservations to experience attractions. The standard standby queue will remain available. But Standby Pass will be suspended for the attractions that have Premier Access added.

While there is no news on the return of the standard Fastpass system, we expect that it will no longer come back and that more and more attractions will be added to Premier Access in the future.

Premier Access Rides

The following two rides will be part of the initial Premier Access offering at Tokyo Disney. Access to each ride will be 2,000 JPY (approx 16 dollars)

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