Review: Halloween Menu at The Lucky Nugget Saloon

This review is based on food and/or beverage options that we consumed on octubre 8, 2017

While we were at Disneyland Paris for the start of the Halloween season, we took the opportunity to have an early dinner at The Lucky Nugget Saloon. And it being Halloween, the menu now features a special Halloween Menu. For Annual Pass holders, you do get your discount on this menu.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon is considered a Counter Service, but it does work differently. You order at the front of the saloon. After you have ordered, you will be seated. At the table, the waiter will take your receipt and bring your ordered items. This means that you don’t have to walk around with your meal while you try and find a seat.

Special Halloween Menu

The special Halloween menu consists of a black bun hamburger with pull pork meat, sweet potato fries and black cheese fritters. The black bun and cheese fritters give the main course a real Halloween look. As a dessert, you get a special Halloween dessert. Along with this, you can get water or a soda. When you have a menu at the Lucky Nugget Saloon, you can ask for a ‘refill’ for your drinks, even when you have a bottle of water. You can substitute the fries for a salad, and the Halloween dessert for a Sundae.

The price for the Special Halloween Menu is €22,99

The Halloween Main Course

Disneyland Paris - The Lucky Nugget Saloon - Halloween Menu - Hamburger

We were quite excited to get a pulled pork hamburger at the parks and we jumped on this opportunity. The hamburger bun was a bit dry, but as it is a black bun, this can be related to it. The pulled pork was also quite dry. We were happy there were plenty condiments on the table, so we settled for the BBQ-sauce. The addition of the sauce made the meat less dry and better to eat. But it being the center piece, of your meal, we expected a better quality.

The cheese fritters had a nice spice to it, and tasted really good. The sweet potato fries can be a hit or miss, but for this meal, they were a nice addition to the cheese fritters and the hamburger.

The Halloween Dessert

Disneyland Paris - The Lucky Nugget Saloon - Halloween Menu - Dessert

To me, this was the real Halloween surprise of the menu. The cobweb was made out of some strawberry sauce, and the pastry was some type of cream, with a sugary outside. The decoration toppings were all made out of sugar. While it was a real sweet dessert, it was the perfect amount of sweet. The presentation was spot on, and really fits Halloween.

Overall service

While they are really fast with seating you, getting the receipt for your order and bringing you your entree, it will take a while before somebody will clear your table and bring you the dessert. As you got unlimited drinks for some menus at the Lucky Nugget Saloon, you will have to put in some effort to get the attention of the waiter for your second or third drink. While this visit we got our second drink along with our dessert, it happened in the past that we already finished our meal, and just before we left we got my drink.


The Lucky Nugget Saloon is known, well by some people, for its entertainment. The restaurant has a large stage which is used for various types of entertainment. For Halloween, two shows are performed: Mickey and Minnie’s Lucky Nugget Follies & The Singing Diva. As an intermezzo, there is a pianist playing some Disney tunes. A guy dressed in clothes from The Lucky Nugget time period is there to add some context to all three performances.

It is a shame they don’t advertise these entertainment options a bit more, as it does bring some comic relief to a day at Disneyland Paris. The shows are not top of the bill stage shows, but that is also not their intention.

Mickey and Minnie’s Lucky Nugget Follies

Disneyland Paris - The Luckey Nugget Saloon - Mickey and Minnie's Lucky Nugget Follies

I was not sure what to expect from this show. While we have seen the other shows, this was the first time seeing some members of the Fab 5 on stage. The show itself doesn’t run that long, and is a perfect length for the meal you are having. The story is quite funny and fits the atmosphere and location of The Lucky Nugget Saloon. If you ask Christina, I had to giggle a few times while this show was on. Especially when Donald comes out in his special costume (think Halloween) and trips on stage. I’m really impressed how performers are able to steer these puppets in this way.

The Singing Diva

While we have seen this singing puppet a few times before, she still brings a smile to our faces. Before we sat down, there was some more interaction with the audience. During our meal, she just sang a few songs. Nothing to special, but fun to watch and listen.


This can’t really be a miss, unless it is a really bad pianist. Having some tunes played live to you by a pianist just adds to the overall atmosphere of the saloon. Only negative here; I wish he played longer/more.

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