Disney’s Fantillusion

This parade has been retired and will not return.

No dates have been confirmed yet.

Once a day, around dusk

25 minutes

Parade route with 3 show stops

This parade ran for the following years: 2003 - 2012, during these years it ran during the Summer and Winter Seasons at Disneyland Park

Disney’s Fantillusion

Disney’s Fantillusion founds its inception many years before the premiere at Disneyland Paris at Tokyo Disneyland. Here the parade premiered on July 21st 1995 and closed on May 17th 2001.

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Facts about Disney’s Fantillusion

  • Disney’s Fantillusion was created for Tokyo Disneyland
  • At Tokyo Disneyland this parade premiere at July 21st 1995 and closed on May 17th 2001 and 31 major floats
  • After the parade closed Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris bought 15 of the 31 floats
  • Only 13 floats were used in the parade at Disneyland Paris
  • It took over 40 days to transport the parade from Tokyo Disneyland to Disneyland Paris. Going from Japan, to Australia, through the Suez Canal, passing the Mediterranean Sea, around Spain to be offloaded in Le Havre from where ground transport was used to get the floats to Disneyland Paris
  • During the transport several floats were damaged which lead to delays for the parade to premiere
  • Disney’s Fantillusion was suppose to premiere when Main Street Electrical Parade had its ten years anniversary