Christmas Disneyland Paris 2017: What to expect

Christmas at Disneyland Paris or Disney’s Enchanted Christmas is the most magical time of the year to be at the parks. The decorations, music, parades, shows and your beloved Disney characters in their Christmas outfit, might make you wish it would be Christmas all year long.

Christmas Disneyland Paris 2017: What to expect

At the moment the program for Christmas Disneyland Paris 2017 is not known yet. With the current 25th Anniversary celebrations on its way at Disneyland Park, things might change compared to the last previous years. We will keep you informed when things change and will update this article as soon as possible.

Christmas Disneyland Paris - Main Street Station

There are rumors that some of the festivities will move over to Walt Disney Studios. Nightly tests have been taking place of what seems like a new nighttime show with projections on the Tower Hotel.

Christmas Disneyland Paris 2017: Dates

Disney’s Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris will take place from November 11 2017 to January 7 2018. All though the program will be the same every day, times might be different depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. From December 25 Santa will no longer be at the park as he will be back at the North Pole, taking some well deserved rest.

Highlights from last year

Christmas at a Disney park is a magical time. Last year you could easily spend several days at the parks and discover new things every single time. Some of the highlights from last year;

Main Street Decorations

The moment you entered the park, you saw the big Christmas tree on Town Square. The tree was filled with lights and ornaments. Under the tree you could find several gifts. The tree made for an amazing backdrop when you were taking photos with friends and family.

Along Main Street USA you would see that the buildings were decorated with wreaths, lights and more. Several windows were decorated with Disney characters in their Holidays outfit and a wintry landscape.

At night, Mickey, Minnie and Santa lit the tree during a sing-along ceremony.

A fabulous Frozen Sing-along and a Royal Welcome

Christmas is winter, and winter means Frozen. During the 2016 holiday season, Olaf, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff made sure you sing along with all your favorite Frozen songs. At the Chaparral Theater guests sang along while Anna prepared for a big party for Elsa.

Christmas Disneyland Paris - Frozen, Royal Welcome

When they were not in the theater, Anna and Elsa made their way down the parade route to welcome everybody to the park.

Royal Christmas Wishes

Several times a day, Princesses and their Princes performed Royal Christmas Wishes, a great little fairy tale in which a snow globe played a central role. All the favorite Princesses appeared on stage to dance and told a magical Christmas story. This for sure was a crowd pleasure for families with little girls.

Christmas Disneyland Paris - Royal Christmas Wishes

Jingle Bell Band

This little hidden gem from 2016 took stage at Hyperion Theater. Goofy conducted the Jingle Ball Band. During this musical intermezzo the band played several Christmas tunes, but also other Disney songs. Goofy was there all the time to either dance, or make fun with the musicians.

A very merry meet ‘n’ greet with Santa & Disney Characters

On several locations throughout the parks there were meet ‘n’ greet opportunities with your favorite Disney Characters in their Holidays outfit. At the Mickey pavilion (in front of the Fantasyland station) you could even meet Santa.

Disney’s Christmas Parade

One of the nice surprises of 2016 was the Christmas Parade with some new floats. The different floats made your cheerful. You could see some rare Disney characters appear on the floats and as mentioned before, 2016 featured two new floats which was a nice addition to this already great parade. As always, Santa closed the parade in his sleigh. Some of the days, Donald’s nephews would join Santa and cheer to the crowds lined up along the parade route. In 2016, the parade made its way down the route twice a day.

Disney Dreams! Of Christmas

At a Disney park, you can end each day with fireworks. In 2016 Disney Dreams! Of Christmas returned as a kiss good night before you would go back to the hotel or home. Just like each year, the nighttime spectacular brings you immediately into the Christmas spirit. The different songs, but also the images that were projected on the castle breathed Christmas. Olaf took you on a magical journey along all kinds of Disney movies.

Christmas Disneyland Paris - Fireworks Disney Dreams

Christmas at Walt Disney Studios

In the last few years, Walt Disney Studios didn’t see that much Christmas. It was mainly at the front lot and in Studio 1. Nevertheless, the decorations were really cute and worth a visit. Disney characters were out on the front lot to take photos with. The back drop and the outfit made it a perfect photo for the holidays.

Christmas at Disney Village

Disney Village was also decorated. The little stalls offered you all kinds of sweets and holiday related merchandise. It just gives you a great walk to or from the parks, allowing you to get that extra bit of holiday spirit. While the stalls are out several other seasons of the year as well, during this time it just made the atmosphere complete.

Christmas Disneyland Paris - Disney Village

Christmas Decorations at Disney hotels

Even when you are not staying at any of the Disney Hotels, it is worth paying them a visit. Last year we stayed at Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel New York. We walked over to all the other hotels. Each hotel has their own decorations and they do match the overall decor of the hotel. We had a drink a Hotel New York and dinner at New Port Bay, but we quickly walked into all the other hotels to get a glimpse of their Christmas tree and it already became somewhat of a tradition.


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